iOS Emulator Apk – Best iPhone Emulator For Android & Windows 2017

If you wanted to play games made for iOS on your android devices or even on your windows pc you can use the iOS emulator. Ios emulator is basically an emulator which allows the user to run any of the iPhone/iPad apps on any windows or android machine. this emulator will simply allow you to run any iPhone app flawlessly regardless of the device that you are on, may it be windows or even on android devices.

Nowadays the apps and games on the iPhone or iPad are really stepping up their game, but unfortunately to use them or to play the game, you are required to have an iPhone or iPad, and most of the users sometimes can’t afford to buy an iPhone,So to overcome that drawback users can simply use the ios emulator, this allows user to install and run any of the apps or games that are available for the iPhone or iPad.

First, we would discuss how we can use ios emulator for android & Windows devices then we will see how we can use those emulators on windows pc. so without wasting any more time lets just jump right into it

IOS Emulator Apk for Android Free Download 2017

There has been a big issue going on since the boost in the ios apps, Android users always wanted to play the games or have the apps which are sometimes available exclusively for the apple devices. but now it is possible to install, run and use such apps on android devices all thanks to the Ios emulators which are now available for the android users, So here I am going to be listing two of the most used Ios emulators, and how you can install them and what features they have. You can choose whatever you want

1. iEMU iOS Emulator

iEMU iOS Emulator
iEMU iOS Emulator

This is one of the best emulators on the market that is available for Android phones and the main thing is it’s really easy to use and to install as well.following is the requirements and the download along with the installation process of the iEMU Ios Emulator


1.your phone’s android version should be higher than 2.3

2.your phone should have minimum 512 MB of RAM

3.this emulator needs around 60 MB of for installation so make sure you have enough storage space on your phone



1.You need to first download the apk file for the iEMU emulator, click here to download the apk.

2.Also, you need to change some of the settings in your phone, Go to  Android Device Settings > Security and tick the box where it says allow installations from unknown sources.

3.Now on your phone go to that location where you have saved the apk file, and install it.

4.the application installed on your phone will be with the name Padiod

5.You can now open the Padiod and start using the iOS applications on your android devices.

6.Keep it in mind that this emulator supports only .ipas and .zip files

this emulator is one of the best for a reason because it’s really easy to install and also has some really nice features, some of those features are listed below. Drastic Emulator APK.

  • Access iOS apps on any android device easily without any issue
  • The experience is really great, the emulator never hangs and gives a perfectly smooth running of the iOS apps
  • The apple apps on this tool are extensively tested and works flawlessly



Cider apk is one of the best alternatives for the iEMU emulator, it is also easy to install and to was developed by the six students. the following are the main features of this emulator

  • Easy to install and run
  • Works without any issue or error

however there is one main drawback regarding this cider apk and that is it still does not support Bluetooth, GPS or any other location based services mainly because of its still in its advanced development stages.

Now we have the best iOS emulators for android devices, now moving further we will see what emulators are best for the windows PC.

it’s really fun to play iOS games on pc, and that too without installing iOS using some software like VMware etc. now you can just download the iOS emulators and run all of the games or apps that are made for iPhone smoothly on your pc. Following is the list of iOS emulators which are made for Windows PC along with its features and installation process. Also check out, some of the list of android emulators here.

Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC 2018

1. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian iPhone Emulator
iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows on the market right now, there are basically two versions of this available, one which is free and other one is paid which costs around 10$, the 10$ version offers you more apps to install and run on the emulator like snapchat and WhatsApp etc. not only that but it also provides you with the complete ad-free experience. following are some of the features of the iPadian emulator

  • Free version provides you with basic iPhone experience, which is really flawless
  • You also get access to the customized App Store in the free version
  • In paid version, it’s really easy and simple to use any of the apps in the apple app store.
  • The premium version is totally ad-free
  • The premium version is only available of $10

Installing  and using iPadian is very easy all you need to do is to follow the following steps

1. Download the emulator from the following link.

2. Follow the installation procedure and click on Next accordingly

3. After the installation is complete click finish

4. After the installation is finished click on the iPadian icon from the desktop

5. Once it starts, on the interface click on the app store

6. download your favourite apps and enjoy.

2. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone Emulator
Air iPhone Emulator

this is also one of the best iPhone emulators that you will ever use, and the main thing is that it’s very easy to install. all you need to do is to just go to the following link and follow the on screen instruction and that’s it. Also check out, BlueStacks.

following are some of the main features of this emulator

  • it’s easy to use and install
  • it’s completely free, so you can use any app from the apple app store on this emulator.
  • it runs flawlessly and without any issue

these are some of the features which make this emulator much more desirable than the iPadian emulator.if you didn’t like the iPadian free version then you should definitely try this emulator. If you are ready to run Sony Playstation games or apps on your Android phone, then you should check ps3 emulator for android phones.



As far as the iOS goes, to fully enjoy its features it’s really good to buy an iPhone, but sometimes it’s not possible, due to money or some other issues, but if you want a general feel of  iOS then you should definitely check out these iOS emulators, also these emulators helps a great deal in testing the different app’s in the different environment. you can feel free to check the rest of the emulators that are available on the internet, it all depends on what you need and what works best for you.